About us

Loully was born out of our passion for cool clothing that is unique and different, just like my twins. They were the inspiration and the brand is named after them; Poppy and Loulou. When I was pregnant with them, I traveled to Seoul, South Korea. It was here when I fell in love with the Korean style and brands. And we want to share these amazing pieces with you!

Loully carries stylish and unique unisex Korean kids clothing, all our pieces are proudly Korean designed and particularly hard to find outside of Korea. All the brands are small, independent and highly regarded. I also aim for labels that are sensitive to ethical consideration and thoughtful in fabric and design. 

We sell unisex clothing because we believe that clothes are for every child and every child should wear clothes that they feel comfortable in. Also this makes it easier to pass the clothes to siblings. Style goes beyond gender.
All clothes are carefully hand-picked from my home in Amsterdam and bought in small batches, because I care about sustainability and exclusivity. I have a background in fashion, styling and photography and I do all the styling and photography of Loully myself. 

Each purchase supports my little business, so thank you so much. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email: info@loullykids.com. Dit mag ook in het Nederlands :)


♡ Sam, Poppy & Loulou